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The GAB Instrument for Quality Assurance and Quality Development

The GAB Instrument for Quality Assurance and Quality Development is intended for Quality Management in all organizations and institutions that deliver instructional and social services. It is intended for schools, kindergartens, adult education facilities, homes for the disabled, juvenile and drug rehabilitation facilities, therapeutic institutions, and the like. The GAB instrument makes no assertions about the specific quality content of efforts in the various fields of action. Instead, it enables the institutions themselves to develop their own concepts of quality. For this reason the Program can be established in all designated fields of action independently of the particular tasks involved.

The GAB program depends on the recognition of specific characteristics of educational and social actions. Consequently it is tailored to the internal social and organizational particularities, as distinct, for example, from actual industrial production work. Individual educational and social activities in the workplace are contingent on direct human communication and always have the structure of dialog.

For this reason there is seldom a predetermined course of action for reaching a given goal. Individual actions can not be planned in detail or reproduced. The mode of action does not follow an abstract pattern, but is essentially developed for a specific situation. It is guided by feeling and observation and is based on a direct relationship with the client. This means that co-workers in such fields cannot merely follow predetermined rules, but must act flexibly in the context of actual situations. They act according to meaning, not according to rules. Instructions - even those having to do with quality of action - can in all cases serve as a framework that supplies a general orientation. Nevertheless, the instructions need to be individually interpreted and newly implemented for each situation.

The GAB program replaces standardized procedure with meaningful orientation to quality assurance goals.

For quality assurance there arises the difficulty that we can only partially formulate universally valid standards of quality in the sense of exact instructions for an individual work process. In so far as attempts at standardization of procedure can actually hinder the necessary and situation ally appropriate action and impede individual rapport with partners in communication, clients or colleagues, such attempts can actually lead to a reduction in quality.

Instead of acting according to preset rules (and many quality standards demand such rules), Co-workers in educational and social fields of work must internalise the quality goals and value orientation of their work. Only then is it possible for them to adequately handle each concrete situation. Quality thereby becomes a question of motivation, insight, ability and personal commitment. (This is increasingly true also for more and more Co-workers in commerce and industry)

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